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Freewheelin Web Design (FWD) have been crafting beautiful websites, and making clients happy for years. Responsive/Mobile friendly design & FREE SSL certificates as standard. 12 years in the game, we know our stuff.

We’re primarily web designers. Which in short means; we plan, design and build websites. We have recently moved into App Development and have partnered with to enable a more organic approach, combining Web/App/Workflow Automation, you can find out more about this on our Services page.

As well as what we DO, we think it’s important to also note what we DON’T DO:

We’re not a full-service agency

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to get your web design, digital marketing, PPC campaigns, social media management et cetera. then we’re probably not the guys for you. Being a small team, we can’t be experts in all of the above. We aim to concentrate on what we’re really good at: Web design, SEO/Optimisation and App development.

We’re not the cheapest (nor the most expensive)

We’re not the cheapest out there but we’re far from the most expensive. We can work within most budgets to help you create a realistic goal for what you want to achieve. If you want to build the next Ebay but only have a £500 budget, we probably can’t help you. If your Brother-in-law, great aunt or parrot can do a cheaper, better job, you’re probably best letting them.

Our Approach

We understand some customers may prefer the hands on approach, being integrally involved throughout the whole web design process. Alternatively we also understand other customers may just want us to “Get on with it” we adapt to both approaches!

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Web Design

Web Design

From great value Brochure/information websites, to selling online (E-commerce websites) to more complex CMS websites that can integrate with your existing systems. We cover all bases, smoothly and painlessly…
App Development

App Development

Functional Mobile and Web apps. Built using nocode tools we can avoid expensive developer costs and reduce build time.  From company information to Market place, bookings and payments. From restaurants bookings and orders to health clubs and more…


Be found, stay found! That’s the mantra… Often referred to as the black art, SEO/Optimisation is an ever evolving skill, that we can help and advise on with tried and tested methods, covering both onsite & offsite optimisation…

Workflow Automation

Any repetitive process that you do on a regular basis is taking your time away from working on your business. By working with you to understand what you do, we can help you automate these processes, saving precious time and money…

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